Wiring and Installation Services

Pre-wiring Services

Pre-wiring of the home or home office provides a flexible and cost effective way to cater for present and future technologies during the construction stages. Devices include phones, computers, networking, security, audio visual digital TV, home theatre and automation equipment. With the installation of cabling at a later date (especially for two story homes), it is not only difficult but expensive.

General pre-wire of the home consists of the following:

  • Cabling for telephone and computer to bedrooms, study soho (small office home office) and in main living areas such as family and rumpus etc.
  • Cabling for TV & Home Theatre (known as the hep point home entertainment area) designated by the home owner, usually the family room.
  • Cabling from the common utility box (the cub) to the home management system (Hms) for future utility meter monitoring (i.e. electricity gas and hot water).
  • Spare conduit and draw wire can be left in place from the cub to the distribution point for future cabling access.

Cabling installed for the communications and future technologies will terminate in a cable distribution point (cdp) generally located adjacent to each other where possible. i.e. cupboards, walk-in robes, garage.

Home Entertainment

With the life-style changes of today the demand for home theatre, video surveillance and pay TV is increasing. The question of restricting of all the above to one room is answered with the freedom to watch or use them from any room. In the home, satellite and sound manufacture and install its own infrared remote control extender, this unit allows you to use one remote to control the sound and vision in each room.

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